School Days 2010


We, at the Peel Mansion and Historic Gardens, are excited to host the Peel Mansion’s School Days for grades 2-5 on Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17, 2010!

This year’s program will still retain the theme of “Life as a Pioneer”, but our volunteer base is working hard to expand the already rich program that emphasizes history and social science.

The main objective of the project will be for each student to explore their pioneer heritage. They will connect with ideals, persistence, determination and courage that our forebears exhibited. Students will discover more about the world, history, other people and themselves. AND THEY WILL HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING.

We feel this is a chance to bring to life a segment of Benton County history as an important connection for our future citizens.

Unfortunately we have reached capacity for this year's School Days.  We have several schools and many individual classes participating, and we are looking forward to seeing all the students at The Peel Mansion.

If you would like to be notified when registration for future School Days events becomes available please send us an e-mail.  We will be happy to add you to our database and let you know about future education related events at The Peel Compton Foundation.

We look forward to seeing all of you in September.