Ghost Walks Thank You!


The Peel Compton Foundation wants to thank the community for its enthusiastic support of the 2010 Ghost Walks that concluded October 28. This event would not be possible without the many volunteers who help this event in so many ways. Many thanks to the following:

Widow # 1 – Beth Strickland
Widow # 2 – Mary Frizzell
Widow # 3 – Theresa Scallan

The cast of the Last Public Hanging Hanging in Benton County (1876):

Judge J.M. Pitman:
Ed Clifford, Ed McClure, Dick Trammel and Rusty Turner
Colonel Samuel Peel: Harris McKee and Tony Licausi
John M. Peel: Tony Licausi, Peter Steffens, Stan Zylowski and Mark Levine
Cornelius Hammond: Eric McNabb and Peter Steffens
Mrs. Mary Emaline Peel: Audrey Neff
Katherine Peel : Bethany Kral
Cast Recruitment: Kassie Misiewiez
Kayla and Kensley Cummings
Set design and house décor by Amber Rice and Robyn Cloud

Thanks to all our volunteers who helped make this year’s event the most successful in its 8 –year-old history with two sell-outs on the last two dates, October 26th and 28th. If you attended this year’s event or were unable to participate, please go and subscribe to our website using the "connect form" at the top right of each page to receive notifications, invitations, and e-mail updates. That way you will know instantly when the 9th Annual Ghost Walks kick off next October!

Click here to take a look at our Ghost Walks 2010 photo album!

Photos Courtesy Robyn Cloud Photography and Design