Rental Rates have changed (slightly)


Rental Rates have changed (as of July 1, 2013)

$60 each additional hour on the weekdays (Monday - Thursday)

$75 each additional hour on the weekend (Friday at 5pm - Sunday)

Rental Deposit (non-refundable but applies to balance)

$150 deposit; weekdays

$250 deposit; weekend

Rental rates do not include setup and cleanup services

Please note we are working hard to change all of our web and printed forms and may not be reflected

If reserving less than two weeks before event, payment in full must be made at time of reservation

Credit card held on file to be charged in the event of damages or extra hours (at a rate of $60/hr weekdays; $75/hr weekend). In addition, if a setup and/or cleanup package is not purchased and the facility is not cleaned, your card may be charged a cleaning fee of $250.

Rental Rates are subject to change

This serves as "notice" to our customers