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The Peel Compton Foundation has grown this past year from the dedicated and resourceful young people who volunteered their time and talents. Their hard work, not only benefitted us, but helped all three gain valuable job experience and acquire new talents.

Volunteer as an intern with The Peel Compton Foundation today!

We want to share the stories of the following three volunteers and where they are today.

Sonia E. Pargellis, Office and Membership Coordinator with Downtown Bentonville, Inc.

Sonia now works with Downtown Bentonville, Inc. on their Membership program and general office assistance. On a day-to-day basis, she works with office correspondence, events, calendars and preparation. In addition, she has helped develop the Membership 2011 program and pioneered the new Member Discount program which offers DBI members special premiums and discounts with other DBI members.

“Volunteering with The Peel Compton Foundation is a great way to get your feet wet in Bentonville. It gave me basic office experience and opportunities to expand my resume. Networking was an indirect benefit because so many of the world’s largest corporations use the Compton Gardens Conference Center for meetings.”

Susan Anders, Assistant to the Directors, Global Engagement Office, in the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas

Susan volunteered during Spring 2010, helping out with phones, sales, and events.

“My time at The Peel Compton Foundation was tremendously beneficial. After taking a break from the working world, I geared myself up again through working in the sales and event office at Compton Gardens Conference Center. The team at the Foundation has such a supportive and encouraging environment which allows for creativity and initiative. I know it helped me prepare for my current position!

Kayla Studivan, ISD reporter for internal relations at Walmart

Kayla volunteered late July and August, helping out an event promotion and even serving as an attendant for a wedding rehearsal.

“ By being involved with The Peel Compton foundation, I was able to enhance my writing and communication skills. As a bonus, I even learned about the history of this region. Volunteering created great networking opportunities for me.”

Volunteer as an intern with The Peel Compton Foundation today!


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